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The 4th Evolution International Film Festival, 2015

A special selection of award winning shorts and one feature film from the 2014 Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival (EMIFF).Fresh. Provocative. Hip. Distinctive. These are the hallmarks of EMIFF. Our winning films display unique points of-view, compelling stories, social relevance, and emotional range. Following screenings at EMIFF, festival winners and filmmakers have received Oscar nominations as well as international recognition from Slamdance, GYA and the MILANO IFF to name a few.

Spanish actor Alex Gonzales and Festival director Sandra Seeling Lipski

6pm Doors open

Drinks, networking, red carpet & press call


6:40pm Screening #1, 17min

*Palisade, USA by Lizzy Sanford



PALISADE is a short film about a man named Lloyd who robs a convenience store to help his girlfriend out of debt. To escape the cops, Lloyd breaks into a woman's home, locks himself in her bedroom and holds her cat hostage. The pair develop an odd friendship through the locked bedroom door. This film is a comedy of errors that explores the polarities of compatibility, and demonstrates the power of attraction over circumstance.


Writer/Director Lizzy Sanford is traiblazer female filmmaker. With her unique and creative visions she embodies a fresh point of view on what it means to be in your 30's and living in LA.

Lizzy lives in Los Angeles and New York.


Lizzy Sanford with her award for Best Short at the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival 2015.

7pm Welcome speech

Screening #2, 24min
*Forced, Spain by Pep Bonet

FORCED is a compilation of 5 short films documenting child labour and exploitation across 5 countries. The first chapter on Bangladesh is completed.The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that there are about 250 million economically active children (individuals below 18 years old) worldwide.South East Asia is by far the region where slavery is most thriving and culturally complex.Thousands of Bangladeshi children are being forced into labour everyday.Boys comprise about three-quarters of all working children in Bangladesh, many working in hazardous jobs such as in brick factories or as rickshaw pullers.Working girls are more often to be found in “hidden” jobs, such as domestic labour or as sex workers, where they are particularly vulnerable because they work behind closed doors.The next chapters include: Sierra Leone, Bolivia, Romania and USA.

Filmmaker Pep Bonet (Mallorca, 1974) is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer who has travelled extensively capturing profound moments that represent the unbalanced world in which we live. His longer-term projects focus on African issues, with his most well known project being “Faith in Chaos”, a photo essay on the aftermath of the war in Sierra Leone. Pep’s ongoing work around the globe on HIV/Aids and identity has led to several photography books and many exhibitions worldwide.
He is also know for a long-term reportage on the rock ‘n roll band Motörhead. Pep spent many years (2008-2015) on the road with Lemmy Kilmister, the legendary singer of the band and created an exceptional visual document of the many hours spent on the road with Motörhead.

Pep crafted himself into shooting documentaries. This resulted in several short and long documentary films, amongst which the award winning ‘Into the Shadows’, a pursuit into the lives of hundreds of thousands of Africans living in the inner city of Johannesburg.



Screening #3, 1h12min
*Carpe Kilimanjaro, USA/Spain by Zach Jordan

9:15pm Q&A with filmmakers





CARPE KILIMANJARO is the story of Zach Jordan’s literal ascension of a mountain and his metaphorical ascension to fatherhood in the face of the descent of his own father, into the abyss of Alzheimer’s. His route to the summit mirrors the rocky path he faces as he searches for paternal wisdom from a Spanish father-in-law and his own, before he leaves the planet. As the former sheds light, the latter fades away, and Zach encounters loss, learning, love, and, in the end, resolution in the form of a sonogram image.

Carpe Kilimanjaro is a personal story of the assault called Alzheimer’s. The movie exposes the broad reaching ravages of the disease, the impact on the lives of the living, and the hope inherent in the search for information, learning, and love despite loss and longing. As we search for clinical wisdom to defeat the disease, we cannot forget the human wisdom so badly needed by the millions of loved ones in the midst. Carpe Kilimanjaro offers a unique, yet relatable tale of one man’s experiences.


ZACH JORDAN Writer / Director / Producer
Zach is Founder / Partner at Joe Digital, Inc. and has created and developed content for some of the leading platforms in traditional and new media. As a documentary filmmaker, he worked as a camera man on “America’s Deadliest Catch”, was Producer and Cinematographer on “Buckle Brothers: A Documentary on the Soul of a Cowboy”, which was one of 10 documentaries chosen to premiere at the 2005 AFI Film Festival in LA, and as a camera man on “Derailroaded”, the award-winning documentary on Larry “Wild Man” Fischer.

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