The island (PMI) has amazing flight connections from all major cities in Europe and internationally. 

We recommend flights from Europe with: Air Europa, EasyJet, Raynair, German-wings and Iberia. For international flights check out: Norwegian, Delta and AirFrance. has great deals! Travel tip: If you are coming from outside the EU, try flying to Barcelona or Madrid and then catch a plane from there to Mallorca, splitting up flights can save $$, Norwegian Air has great flights from LA or NY to Barcelona and Madrid! 


Check out affordable partner Hotels:

Melia Palma marina 

Gran melia Victori

Fancy partner Hotels:

Hotel Cort

Es Princep


Are you getting a car? Do you want accommodations in the countryside?

Finca Hotel Can Coll (Sollér, 25min to city center)


What part of town? 

Check out: Palma centro near “La Rambla” and “Escolxador", Santa Catalina or Paseo Maritimo as all events are held in or near the city center of Palma.


EMIFF locations are all in Palma's City Center. Cabs are fair priced and the City also offers Bike rentals in many different locations. 

Melia Palma Marina
Es Princep
Hotel Cort
Gran Melia Victoria
Finca Hotel Can Coll
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