2nd Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival,November

Our team reviewed over 400 submissions before deciding on the 21 films that where screened during 4 days from November 7th to the 10th, 2013. For the first time, the Opening Gala took place at Teatro Principal while all other screenings where presented at; Cineciutat. Networking events took place at Hotel Cort. We welcomed 1000+ local, national and international festival guests.

Winners 2013

Best Feature Film: Rezeta, Fernando Frías
Best Actor: Joāo Miguel, Xingu
Best Actress: Steffi Kühnert, Die Frau Die Sich Traut 

Mención especial a Aura Garrido por su trabajo en Stockholm
Best Cinematography: Tom Fährmann, Die Frau Die Sich Traut
Best Short Documentary: Not anymore, a Story of Revolution
Best Feature Film Documentary: No burqas behind bars
Best Actor Short Film: Kaled Al Ghwairi por Ismail
Best Actress Short Film: Jeewan Adhikari, Sashi Cori, brave girl
Best Short Film La boda de Marta Seresesky

Best Screenplay: Vision Quest by Brian Erwin

Jury 2013

Rainer Lipski (cinematographer Germany) - Documentary short and feature film

Kai Lentrodt (actor Germany) - Short film

Diana de la Cuadra (producer Spain)  - Feature films

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