Comité Ejecutivo del Festival

El comité actúa como una junta asesora para dirigir el festival en la dirección correcta, alentar nuevas ideas y colaboraciones entre el festival y otros eventos o marcas. Si cree que su aportación puede beneficiar al Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival y está interesado en unirse a nuestra impresionante lista de miembros, envíenos un correo electrónico hoy a

Sheela Levy

Chair of Steering Committee

'Global nomad' accurately describes Sheela Levy, who was born in India, grew up in Kenya, went to school and University in England and has moved home more than 25 times before settling down in Mallorca. She established and managed The Body Shop Switzerland for 30 years before selling to Coop Switzerland in 2010. Now she has her own Design and Property Company called CocoSage and owns the luxury restaurant FERA in Palma de Mallorca. 

Ivan Levy 

Steering Committee member

Ivan is a seasoned and socially responsible businessman; a creator, not a dreamer. He is known for having successfully established and developed The Body Shop in Switzerland, prior to its sale in 2010. Ivan also held and directed various retail operations, consulting and management programs with AS Watson in Hong Kong, Close Brothers Venture Capital Trust, California. Closets, Market Invoice and The Q Garden Company in London. He was director and advisor to Earthchild Clothing Company in South Africa, which he successfully sold to Truworth, SA. He currently resides in Mallorca running several successful businesses on the island. 

Alanna Sampietro

Steering Committee member

Alanna Sampietro is a trilingual entrepreneur specializing in international real estate and art consulting based in Mallorca. Born in New York City, she attended the Institute of Fashion Technology studying advertising and marketing, before moving to Paris, Stockholm, and London to work as a model and actress. Alanna seeks to attract her highly creative professional network of colleagues around the world to help promote Mallorca as a film production destination and cultural center of the festival.

Gerhard Braun

Steering Committee member

Gerhardt Braun is the founder of the Gerhardt Braun Gallery in Palma de Mallorca. There EMIFf also hosts the Closing Night Party. 

Maria Isabel Bordoy

Steering Committee member

Born in Mallorca, Maria has a Bachelor of Political Science from the ULB and a master's degree with distinction on immigration, international relations and intercultural Social mediation from UAM. She is the founder and co-director of ABA Art Lab since 2004; A Glorious contemporary art gallery, which supports art publishers, producers and curators rooted in Palma de Mallorca.

Renate Pentzien

Steering Committee member

Renate studied journalism, sports science and anthropology in Hamburg. She worked for German magazines like Gala and Bunte. She was chief reporter, correspondent in the United States and author, as well as editorial manager of the Italian publisher Fabbri Editori. She is the editor of a series of premium books called People Mallorca, which portrays characters of all nationalities and professionals on the island ( She currently curates the AHOY! Art Gallery in Palma de Mallorca. 

Marc Fosh

Steering Committee member

Marc is one of the UK's most successful cooks. Living and working in Spain since 1991, he has developed his own unique cooking style, focused on fresh ingredients and quality products, adding a touch of inspired genius. The result is a modern and simple kitchen with clean and strong flavors. In 2002, Marc became the first and only British chef to receive a Michelin star in Spain. 

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