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Feature Film Screenplay Competition Finalists 2022

  1. Genesis, Piotr Zawiślak

  2. Adagio, Marta Jimenez

  3. Someone, Lin Jin

  4. A Ghastly Light, David Wang

  5. Little Miss Morality, Laura Ebner

  6. Remember Me, Marta Jimenez

  7. Pull the fast One, Llorenç Ramis, Raul Barranco

  8. Strange Attractors, Dana Cuellar

  9. This Love, Emmett Jack Lundberg

  10. Eve After the Fall, Lana Barić

Evolution Island Screenplay Competition Finalist 2022

  1. The Sponsor, Sophie von Rheden

  2. House, Laura H. Lockington

  3. The Devil in the Bottle, Juanjo Durán Campillejo

  4. Rolling to the pink doors, Tomás Rojo

Short Film Screenplay Competition Finalists 2022

  1. The Bag, Ayad Mohammed Ameen Younus, Iraq

  2. Save Kill Father Son, Judy Vann, USA

  3. Hit and Repeat, Olivier Theurillat, Spain

  4. Lady in Red, Tomás Rojo, Spain

  5. A life in reality, Maria Rotger, Spain

  6. Anosmatic Love, Marina Wagner Moll, Lucía Malvido, Spain

  7. No quiero llorar, Pablo Fuentes Fernández, Spain

  8. AI-APAEC, Marna Wagner Moll, Spain

  9. La Obra, Andrés Navarro Alé, Spain

  10. Because it was her because it was me, Daniel Talbott, USA

  11. Sea Girl, Hawar Rahimi, Iran

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