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Fiction Mallorca Pitch registration is closed for the third edition of the project development forum in collaboration with Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival

Fiction Mallorca Pitch INFO

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EVOLUTION MALLORCA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL has been working for 12 years with the aim of promoting Balearic audiovisual talent and local creators at national and international level. In this edition, EVOLUTION MALLORCA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL joins forces with


FICTION MALLORCA PITCH, which shares the same spirit and objectives. The collaboration has the clear intention of working on the development, training and export of the Balearic audiovisual industry. The 2023 edition of FICTION MALLORCA PITCH will take place on October 17 and 18 in Sa Societat (Calvià). 


The third edition of the FICTION PITCHING FORUM aims to bring together professionals from the local, national and international audiovisual sector working in executive production, screenwriting and directing who have a fiction project for film or television of special interest to the Balearic industry, either in terms of exporting talent or investment in the islands.


EVOLUTION MALLORCA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL will directly select 1 feature film project and 1 series project that will participate in the FICTION PITCHING FORUM to make a pitch in front of prominent agents of the audiovisual sector. These projects will be added to the 4 in each category that will be selected by the 'FICTION MALLORCA PITCH' committee. Among those selected will be projects from companies and/or creators from the Balearic Islands, and from other parts of the world that have special interest in a production and/or co-production with the Balearic Islands in an organic way.


The FICTION PITCHING FORUM of the 3rd edition of 'FICTION MALLORCA PITCH' will take place on October 17, 2023 in the municipality of Calvià (Mallorca) in face-to-face format. There will be a block of television projects and another block of feature films. Each project will have a maximum of 7 minutes to pitch. Networking spaces will be provided and one-to-one meetings will be facilitated after the pitch sessions.


During the awards gala on October 17, the WIP (Work in Progress) award will be presented to the Best Pitch of the day and WIP Best Balearic Islands Project with foreign projection.


Submissions to be one of the projects selected by the EVOLUTION MALLORCA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL for the 3rd Edition of the 'FICTION MALLORCA PITCH' FICTION PITCHING FORUM can be made through the Film Freeway platform. Only feature films and fiction miniseries/series projects can apply.


Submissions are open to both production companies and individuals. Up to 2 projects per creator or company may be registered and a maximum of one (1) project per author or company may be selected to participate in the FICTION PITCHING FORUM.


A project deck must be submitted, including: technical specifications, project status (development, production, post-production), synopsis, description of characters, note of intentions of the screenwriter and/or director, note from the production company, moodboard, approximate budget and financing plan. In the case of feature films, a treatment of the script must be included, and in the case of series, a treatment of the pilot and synopsis of the episodes of the first season. It is recommended to have 10% of financing confirmed. 


The submissions period for film and television projects to participate in the 3rd edition of the 'FICTION MALLORCA PITCHING FORUM' in collaboration with the EVOLUTION MALLORCA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL starts on April 18 and will be open until May 12, 2023.

You must fill out the application form on this link and then visit Filmfreeway to make the inscription.


Among all the projects received, a second phase will be carried out with the 16 best projects (8 feature films and 8 television fiction) that pass as the best valued and must send a 3-minute Video-Pitch for the final evaluation. A Committee of Experts will select 5 feature film projects and 5 TV series projects to pitch in front of prominent agents from the audiovisual sector.

Of the selected projects, 50% will be projects led by women in the script, production and/or direction. Likewise, among those selected there will be projects by companies and/or creators from the Balearic Islands and other parts of the world that have a special interest in an organic production and/or co-production with the Balearic Islands.

The pitching day of the 3rd edition of the Fiction Mallorca Pitch will take place during the days prior to the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival, which will be held from October 18th to November 24th in Mallorca ( During this event, the ten selected projects will have the opportunity to present their ideas, train with panels of experts in the audiovisual industry, and generate networking for professional development. During the gala on October 17th, the WIP awards for the Best Balearic Project and WIP for the Best Pitching of the edition will be presented.

In addition to its commitment to gender equality and diversity, the Fiction Mallorca Pitch also emphasizes the importance of sustainability in audiovisual production. It is essential that the audiovisual industry is aware of its environmental impact and works to reduce its carbon footprint. In this sense, the Fiction Mallorca Pitch has a special interest in projects that promote sustainability and social responsibility at all stages of production, from pre-production to distribution. In this way, the event not only fosters creativity and innovation in the audiovisual industry, but also promotes sustainable practices that are respectful of the environment.

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