2 - DAY Lucinda Syson Casting Workshop  

October 25th & 26th, 2019

Palma de Mallorca 

This is a casting workshop for actors, directors, producers and potential casting directors. The workshop will take place over two days and examine and explore an interactive and detailed look into the processes of casting, what a Casting Director and a casting team does - demystifying the process and the interface with Actors, Directors, Producers and Agents. 



3 - DAY Scene Machine Workshop

With Oliver Torr by Mallorca Actors LAB

Thurs 24th, Fri 25th& Sat 26thOctober 2019 

This workshop is for Actors, Directors and Cinematographers.

Six groups, working on six original scenes. We provide a professional studio, equipment, lighting and our star acting coach from Australia, Oliver Torr. The final scene will be screened as part of the film festival in front of an audience and top-class jury members. 

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