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Since it's inception in 2012, EMIFF has continuously been featured in the international media including online, TV, print and radio outlets. Below please find a selection of our coverage. 

The Hollywood Reporter, 2020

Berlin according to Fest Director Sandra Lipski. Favorite thing about Berlin?    "I love the mix of local Berliners and the many cultures that call Berlin their home. It makes for one of the most exciting cities and festivals in the world." - Sandra Lipski

MovieMaker Magazine, 2020

Slamdance Panelists Tell You How to Avoid 8 Film Festival Red Flags. 

Keep your synopsis short and to the point. More importantly, keep your film short and to the point. Get honest feedback from someone who isn’t in your family. And don’t try to write, produce, edit and direct your own movie. That’s just some of the good advice from festival programmers who spoke at a Slamdance Film Festival panel on festival strategy. They broke down how to get into festivals and succeed in them.

MovieMaker Magazine, 2019

50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in 2019

Film festivals require a strategy. It’s accepted as gospel among independents that a feature film is the result of dogged commitment to a singular vision. And it should be. Yet, once a finished project is ready to hit the festival circuit, many moviemakers discard the patient focus that enabled them to finish it in the first place, and submit to any and every film festival without much thought.

MovieMaker, 2019

Things I’ve Learned as a Moviemaker: Mads Mikkelsen

From Star Wars to Marvel, from prestige TV (Hannibal) to high-profile Oscar contenders (At Eternity’s Gate), Mads Mikkelsen can be seen stretching his dramatic skills across the board these days. But longtime Mikkelsen fans will know that’s consistent with what he’s always done.

MovieMaker Magazine, 2017

Taking off from Barcelona, my plane crested a sea of clouds, thick and white like tundra. Here and there, the Mediterranean sparkled below through patches in the expanse. The sun was so bright and close it tanned my face. Then the clouds thinned out, like ice floes, and great arcing rocks—the Balearic Islands—appeared, casting long shadows over the water below. Then came mountains, a green valley, and a craggy crescent bay.

SWISS Universe, 2017

Mallorca Where the World Meets

Arts figures, globetrotters and those just open to the world: on Mallorca they’ll all feel instantly at home. They’ll draw new inspiration. And they’ll have no thought of retiring any time soon: with its varied nature and its deft blend of the traditional and the present-day, the island is a wellspring of creativity and a genuine lust for life.

The Globe and Mail, 2016

The city of Palma, throughout much of its long history, was approached by sea, the yellow-gold Gothic cathedral, its row of spires rising like a forest of lances on the waterfront. Built by King James of Aragon in the early 13th century to celebrate his conquest over the Moors, it took a leisurely 400 years to finish. It declares to all guests and invaders: Here is a city to be reckoned with.


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