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For: Actors. Writers. Directors. Cinematographers. Editors.

Film Festival Dates: October 23rd- 29th, 2019 Final

The SCENE MACHINE Workshop is an international multilingual collaboration between actors, writers, directors and cinematographers to write, rehearse and shoot an original scene in a professional environment for all to learn and network. Participants are encouraged to explore their creativity and improve their film making skill-set while exploring on-set collaborations. Workshop Leader - Oliver Torr is an Australian acting teacher extraordinaire that holds a BFA in acting and MA in directing. He has coached professional actors for over 15 years and is the co-founder & director of the Actors LAB Mallorca.

Fee Actors 150€(includes Festival Pass)

Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
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DAY 1 - Thursday 22nd
11am - 6pm Meet & Greet, Table Read, Scenes on feet

DAY 2 - Friday 23rd
11am - 4pm Scene Rehearsal

Evening Opening Gala Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival

DAY - 3 Saturday 24th
11am - 6pm Scene Rehearsal & Location scout

DAY - 4 Sunday 25th
9am - 6pm Shoot Day

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Post Production
DAY - 8 Thursday 29th

Scene Presentation at Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival to a festival audience

Man Holding Camera