Lucinda Syson Casting Workshop  

This is a casting workshop for actors, directors, producers and potential casting directors. The workshop will take place over two days and examine and explore an interactive and detailed look into the processes of casting, what a Casting Director and a casting team does - demystifying the process and the interface with Actors, Directors, Producers and Agents. 

DAY 1 - OCTOBER 25TH 2019



INTRODUCTION BY : Casting Director : Lucinda Syson and 

Associate Casting Director: Natasha Vincent - 


SCREENING: "CASTING BY”  (Dir: Tom O’Donahue) - (1hr 29)


Q&A - on the casting documentary 








CASTING PROCESS:  In film and television 

Casting searches, , casting sessions and auditions, what is expected of actors with showreels, self tapes etc, how Producers and Directors can work with and get the best from a Casting Director. 

Ideas lists, the audition 


Q and A


CASTING SESSIONS: Taping actors and videoing the readings for discussion 

(we will issue scenes in English prior to the workshop which the actors will need to prepare and learn) - We will tape the sessions - The directors will direct and actors will 

act and remaining participants will either act or direct depending on numbers.










Viewing and discussing the casting session readings. 



ACTORS SHOWREELS AND SELFTAPES: examples of do’s and dont's


DISCUSSION:  Part 1: The Global casting pool, websites like Imdb Pro, Spotlight etc,

from Script to cast, attaching leads, agents and managers, practical matters like schedule and budget, keeping the integrity of the project, subjectivity and creativity - one script to five different directors five different films, the process of putting the cast together.






The Global casting pool, websites like Imdb Pro, Spotlight etc,

from Script to cast, attaching leads, agents and managers, practical matters like schedule and budget, keeping the integrity of the project, subjectivity and creativity - one script to five different directors five different films, the process of putting the cast together .



Final Q and A and wrap up 



                                                     -     THE END -







- Subjects to cover: Talk to cover Showreels, CVs, self tapes. The casting process & what to expect- advise on preparation, agents, presentation, head shots, websites - spotlight, Imdb, links and material.  WORKSHOP: Give out scene to prepare and run a filmed casting session which we then watch afterwards and discuss. Question and Answers afterwards.



Subjects to cover  - All Directors are different they have different visions, styles etc. Discuss how to choose the right cast for you, choosing the right actors to work with, using a casting director to get the best results. How to interview actors, the importance of every role- the whole cast is vital. The casting process, choosing scenes and ways to see who will be right for your project. Casting on the nose… creating a casting balance. The casting map - how to put a cast together. 



Subjects to cover - Practical: Independent films - attaching a cast to finance the project. Take a look at Schedule, Actors availability, how to contract actors, budget, diversity.  Working with the casting Director. Working with US or UK in employing famous actors from overseas- what they expect. How to negotiate with Agents.  A brief explanation of the agents networks, their set up, influence and power- how to navigate this. Working with the casting Director to get best results. Solving problems not hiding from them. Working as a team & understanding the casting process.


The Creative process/ Creative Producers: If you give one script to five different directors you will have five different films. There is no standard - everything is subjective as its a creative process – so casting is a bespoke process.  How can you work with the Casting Director to get the best results. 


Lucinda Syson (Casting Director)

After graduating with a French and Linguistics degree and short lived career as a photographer Lucinda started her training as a Casting Assistant working with Priscilla John.  Her first film - ‘a baptism by fire’ - was David Fincher’s Alien 3 shortly followed by the likes of City of Joy, 1492 and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. She made her debut as Casting Director with Udayan Prasad's Brothers in Trouble, and then went on to cast Luc Besson’s Fifth Element spending six months afterwards in Argentina working on location on Seven Years in Tibet.  She returned to UK to work with Guy Ritchie on Snatch and was fortunate enough to work with Tony Scott on Spygame, which was a benchmark in her career.   She has since been incredibly lucky to have continued her career with such prolific film makers such as Alfonso Cuarón (Children Of Men/Gravity) Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins /The Dark Knight/Inception), Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), ,  Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049),  Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman / WW84).  More recently she has branched into Television with projects like Game Of Thrones Prequel, The Alienist, River.  She received an Artios nomination for Matthew Vaughn's 2010 film Kick-Ass and won a CSA prize for excellence in Casting. She is a member of the Casting Directors Guild, Casting Society of America ,  International Casting Directors Network and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Bafta. 



María Martínez Llanos (Producer/Director, Interpreter)

Maria Martinez Llanos is an award-winning producer and director with thirty years experience, based in London and Madrid. Maria studied Film and Audiovisual Production at the Complutense University in Madrid. After graduating in 1989 she worked in feature films and commercials in Spain until moving to the UK in 1993 where she worked for some of London’s most prestigious production companies, including winning awards in the UK and USA. Most recently Maria worked as Co-Producer/Director on the BTS documentary of the historical drama series “Conquerors” for Sky. Film and narrative have always been her passion and research is very much at the core of her work. As part of her professional experience she worked as well for many years as an interpreter for companies such as Warner Bros., Paramount, Buenavista, UiP, Hispano Fox, Sogedasa, DeA Planeta, Lola Films and Aurum Productions.


Natasha Vincent (Associate) 

Natasha is Associate to Lucinda. Natasha started her career as an Assistant Director in UK television drama, and after a few years, moved into the world of casting, starting at the National theatre. She works across all of Lucinda’s projects. Natasha’s credits as an Associate include Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins; the much-anticipated Blade Runner 2049, directed by Denis Villeneuve; Paramount/ TNT Television series The Alienist, Universal’s The Mummy & most recently Disney’s live action Aladdin & Terminator Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller. She is a member of the Casting Directors Guild (UK) & Casting Society of America. 





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